Album artwork for Brooklyn Producer Spoiled Suede's 2021 project, Krusted Kool-Aid.

The debut release for Spoiled Suede was inspired by summer in New York City, and the grittiness that once defined it. There is no place hotter in an NYC summer than down in the subway, yet the stations still teem with life. In an ode to the city's ubiquitous street vendors, we developed an image of a pelatero selling coco helado in a grimy station, surrounded by references to the changing landscape of Brooklyn and the natural world. The references to the environment–like the trash can and pelatero cart–position the subway station as a metaphor for human mistreatment of the environment.

Click play above to see the looped visualizer and hear the album in full.

Creative Director: Erik VanIngen
Art Direction: Jack Kohler Byers
Design & Illustration: Jack Kohler Byers
Animation: Jack Kohler Byers
Front Cover
Back Cover
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